Since St. Michael's Hospice St. Leonards-on-Sea opened in 1987 the organisation has cared for more than 12,500 people with life limiting illnesses in the Hastings and Rother area.

Having an advanced illness can raise all sorts of practical, physical, spiritual and emotional issues, which affect not only the patient, but their family and friends too

St. Michael's believe that, as well as expert medical care, it is just as important to care for a person’s practical, social, spiritual and emotional needs too. They provide care, not only within the Hospice, but also in the community. Many of their patients are cared for at home with skilled nursing support or night sitting services and the hospice also has a Day Therapy Centre which offers respite, good company and support. They offer an holistic approach to care, aiming to meet people's individual needs.

All services in the community and the Hospice are provided free of charge and with equal access to all in need. The hospice is grateful for the continued generosity of our community, without which it would not be able to provide care and support to local people.

For more information about their services and how to become a volunteer please visit

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St. Michael's Hospice will be hosting a large secondhand and vintage clothing stall at the FRONT ROW Fashion Show and Fair on 21st November 2015 and there will be a fashion catwalk using clothes solely found in St. Michael's Hospice charity shops.

Many thanks to Bertie Hustwayte, Mark Dean, Susie Pybus and their team of helpers for their support.

Terrence Higgins Trust are the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK, running services out of local centres across Great Britain.
The range and availability of services provided at any one centre depends on the needs of the community they serve and the requirements of our funders (usually local authorities and NHS organisations, sometimes voluntary funders).
Their local services fall into three areas: long term condition management; health improvement and clinical services.

Long Term Condition Management

THT have nearly thirty years of experience of working with and advocating on behalf of people with HIV. Supporting people with HIV to live healthily and well with their condition remains central to their work.
THT offer advice on benefits, housing and employment for people with HIV who need help in getting their legal entitlements. Their advice is accredited by Community Legal Services and is available over the phone via the THT Direct helpline or on the web, or face-to-face in some centres.

Poverty is a particular problem for many with HIV who are unable to work and those in the most dire need can receive financial support from the Hardship Fund.
Their Health Trainers work with people on a range of issues associated with their condition, including treatment and taking their medicines correctly; telling people about their HIV status; sexual health and reducing the risk of onward transmission; maintaining good overall physical and mental health. Health Trainers are based in a number of service centres across the country, or they can be contacted via the website `Ask the Health Trainer' for specific questions or concerns.

THT can also offer a range of support for people struggling with the emotional aspects of HIV. Groups and peer support in our centres and our commuity forums on the website match people up with others in similar situations. For those who need more intensive therapeutic interventions we also offer counselling, either face to face or over the web.

Health Improvement

THT work in communities to promote better sexual health, particularly among those groups at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

They are the lead provider of the national HIV prevention program - HIV Prevention England, and provide information about HIV and better sexual health through posters, campaigns and leaflets,  targeting large areas of the population by campaigns such as National HIV testing week, as well as more hard to reach groups.
They specialise in outreach: getting out and about in communities handing out leaflets, distributing condoms and talking to people about how to protect themselves and their partners and prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs. THT also do the same thing in online chatroom environments promoting better sexual health on sites where men meet for sex.

Their health improvement work also involves us working directly with individuals or groups who are at greater risk of poor sexual health. THT offer one-to-one or group support with sex workers (via the SWISH service in London and Coventry); people from African communities; men who have sex with men; intravenous drug users and young people.
They work in schools, colleges and other settings to deliver Sex and Relationship Education to young people.
In addition they campaign and lobby for equality and justice for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Clinical services

THT provide a range of clinical services offering testing for HIV and other STIs as well as treatment for non-complex STIs; some of their clinics also offer an integrated contraception service.
Their HIV Fastest clinics offer rapid HIV testing in community settings: results are available within twenty minutes and the clinics are free and confidential, with clear pathways to hospital clinics where required.
They run Community Sexual Health Services in some parts of the country integrating STI testing and treatment with contraception provision in community-based settings.

THT are the voluntary sector provider of Chlamydia Screening Programmes in a number of areas in England as part of the NHS National Chlamydia Screening Programme. They work closely with GPs, pharmicists and other local health professionals to ensure better testing and treatment of chlamydia among young people aged 15-24.

In a number of areas they offer a “clinic-in-a-box” service where they are able to provide mobile testing for STIs in outreach settings, combining clinical activity with our health improvement expertise. For example, the organisation can offer a combination of SRE to young people and chlamydia testing in youth venues.

For more information please visit http://www.tht.org.uk

To raise awareness of their important work in the community, Terrence Higgins Trust will be featured on the catwalk of the FRONT ROW FASHION SHOW 2015 with a curated section styled by Conor Reading Styling as well as an information stall and fantastic raffle.

Many thanks to Daniel Murray, Luke Drunis and their team of volunteers.

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