De La Warr Pavilion
SATURDAY, 21st November 2015

Designer Becky McCray's shortlisted competition entry

Presenter Doon Mackichan's paperskirt is shredded by
Terrence Higgins Trust volunteers to illustrate government cuts'
devastating effects to the charity's services

Designer Freya von Bulow Papercouture collection

Hastings School of Contemporary Dance performing "I"

Designer Karma Gedden collection/performance "Circus of the Mind"

Designer Francis Fifi Millinery collection

Designer Peter Quinnell's competition winning design

Rye Studio Collection

Sputnik2 collection and Sigue Sigue Sputnik Martin Degville performance

Martin Degville selects winning raffle ticket for his donated artwork 
in aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust

The fabulous Terrence Higgins Trust volunteers performing
"I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper"

Photocredit: Malcolm Tam


Charles of London 

Freya von Bulow Papercouture

Maggie Kaczmarek

Charity Shop Challenge entries catwalk

St. Michael's Hospice Charity Shop collection curated by Ditte Hartwig

Francis Fifi Millinery


Christopher Steele Menswear, 
accessories by Kay Avery of St. Leonards Accessories

 Lorna Fraser Millinery

 Performance artiste Thierry Alexandre

 Peter Quinnell
Charity Shop Challenge winner "Best Outfit"

Lily Kim, lead singer Eskimo Kiss

 Hannah Louise Palmer

performance by IdolRich Theatrerotto

Terrence Higgins Trust catwalk performance "Demi-Gods"
with Chrystal Hart
styling and fashion by Conor Reading

Many thanks for the stunning photography:
Malcolm Tam
Manon Pauffin
Gareth Gregg


Fashion Show 2012

Freya von Bulow Papercouture

Adam Frost Studio
Madrugar Millinery
Leida Nassir-Pour

Adam Frost Studio

Francis Fifi Millinery

Freya von Bulow Papercouture

Peter Quinnell design

Francis Fifi Millinery

Samuel Chester

Jenny Miller
Barefoot Opera Productions

Terrence Higgins Trust performance
Tara Deighton
Rhianna Ellis and Merle Jeffries


Leida Nassir-Pour
Maggie Kaczmarek

Many thanks for the stunning photography:
Malcolm Tam


Fashion Show 2010 @ St. Mary-in-the-Castle