FR2015 Designer FRANCIS FIFI

Space Age Glamour

Designers: Bevali and Isabella Francis

"This collection for the FRONT ROW Fashion Show has been one of the most challenging yet, because we wanted to make all the hats out of recycled materials. Finding good quality felt hats to re-block has been a challenging task and we have had to use a lot of ingenuity to create the designs we set out to make. We have resorted to using old sequin curtains taking them apart and then stitching the sequins by hand and pulling apart old jewellery for the bead work. Fabric has been gleaned from clothes purchased in second hand shops too. Sourcing materials has been our biggest headache and has also changed the direction of our designs. 

A very positive developement has been a new label for the Francis Fifi range and we have added the Francis Fifi Revamp range to our Fifi and Hair Clutter labels. The Revamp label will let customers know that the hat they are buying is unique and totally recycled so there will never be another hat the same. All the imperfections in the materials used add to the unique quality of the designs.

The influence for our designs this year have come from Science Fiction B movies, serialist art and the 1960s take on modernism." 

We are proud to announce that this brilliant mother-daughter designer collaboration and their futuristic collection of head gear will be opening the Fashion Show this year, which takes place on Saturday, 21st November 2015 at the iconic De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea. Tickets are on sale now, click below to secure yours.

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