--> FRONT ROW is proud to present a stunning performance art piece to be showcased at this year's FRONT ROW Fashion Show this Saturday, 21st November in the Foyer of the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea.

ANTISPACE is an ‘action installation’ designed for the public spaces at this iconic 1930s building and sets the tone for this year's event theme "Out Of This World".  Including live performances by Non Blank and Amma Dance Theatre and showcasing stunning bespoke, one-off apparel and accessories by WEAR ART.   

ANTISPACE is the creation of artist Marie-Louise Miller; a 3D animated drawing inspired by lo-fi/hi-fi visions of the future, virtual reality and the invisible web of information explored in 1980’s cyberpunk science fiction, especially the novels of William Gibson.  ANTISPACE violates the norms and conventions of spaces.
A troupe of Intergalactic Hostesses guide us through ANTISPACE modelling pieces from the URBAN DRIFTING bespoke collection of unique silk scarves by WEAR ART accessorising dresses created by students at Sussex Coast College Hastings where Marie-Louise is a visiting lecturer on FDA Fashion. Amelia Forrest & Marion Geisler of Amma Dance Theatre appear otherworldly in one-off commissioned pieces created by Tara Deighton Bridal & Bespoke. These stunning bespoke pieces are expertly conceived from a single monumental digital drawing on 100% silk crepe de chine by WEAR ART which formed part of DIGITAL MAYHEM 0I a digitally designed mural 1.3m high and 12m wide exploring and exploiting pixelation and the colour content of each digital unit. Non Blank echoes Marie-Louise’s visions in sound. Their semi-improvised vocals, organic analogue and digital instruments complement the concept of ANTISPACE. The site-specific installation is constructed using “paper stixx” made entirely from recycled newspaper providing a fitting setting for a show of compassion fashion. Marie-Louise uses the “paper stixx” to convey marks on paper working with the remnants of print colour and type, now disjointed as if pixelated.

Marie-Louise Miller is an artist and designer based in St Leonards on Sea. WEAR ART is a digital extension of her fine art practice in ready to wear form. Always excited to work in collaboration with artists, designers and creators; finding synergy of practice with those for whom the making is fundamental to their creative process. ANTISPACE was conceived as a collaborative monumental drawing animated by music and movement.

Non Blank perform semi-improvised suites of music based on recordings, schemes and strategies made and devised in and around various locations, collections, and libraries of sounds.
Darren Morris, initially spawned from London’s improvised music scene, is a seasoned performer, composer and producer. Recent projects include the soundtrack to the Sundance premiered film ‘We Are What We Are’ and pre-production of the internationally performed ‘Massive Attack v Adam Curtis’.
Riz Maslen is well known for her long list of recordings and projects under the Neotropic moniker while Ollie Cherer has been trading for the last decade under musical alias, Dollboy. Along with Darren Morris on keyboard instruments and Jack Hayter on steel guitar and viola, they come together as Non Blank using old tape machines, organic, analogue and digital instruments and voices to improvise around and react to each venue they play in.
Over the summer of 2014, Oliver Cherer and Riz Maslen were in residence at the De La Warr Pavilion, in both public and private spaces, exploring the sonic possibilities that the architecture had to offer. Other recent shows with the Non Blank line-up at various venues, including the Union Chapel, H20 Finland, and The Brunel Tunnel, have included spontaneous compositions involving church organs, a male voice choir, and audience members and school children armed with hand bells and bloogle resonators.
Links to examples of the work can be found:

Marion Geisler and Amelia Forrest both started their dance training in classical ballet. Amelia finished her schooling at The Bejart Ballet School, whilst Marion went on to Trinity Laban Conservatoire where she received her degree in contemporary dance. In parallel she started working with Jean-Philippe Guilois, choreographer of Cie Ex’Torsions who she still works regularly with. After her training, Amelia continued on to Poland to join The Baltic Dance Theatre, being promoted to soloist in her second year. Marion has worked with various artists in Switzerland, England and Russia. Amelia has worked with choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Patrick Delcroix and Izadora Weiss. Both young female artists wanted to explore more playful, diverse, and collaborative work. They met on a project for Levantes Dance Theatre and besides continuing to freelance as dancers they have decided to embark on a journey of research and mindfulness together. They found Amma Dance Theatre in August 2015, hoping to create dance theatre work that enrich people's understanding and lives. 

ANTISPACE will be performed Saturday, 21st November 2015 in the foyer of the De La Warr Pavilion

before the fashion show at 7.20pm - 7.40pm
and during the inverval at 8.50pm - 9.10pm

Tickets to see their performance and the show can be obtained directly from the  DLWP Boxoffice

FR2015 Designer FRANCIS FIFI

Space Age Glamour

Designers: Bevali and Isabella Francis

"This collection for the FRONT ROW Fashion Show has been one of the most challenging yet, because we wanted to make all the hats out of recycled materials. Finding good quality felt hats to re-block has been a challenging task and we have had to use a lot of ingenuity to create the designs we set out to make. We have resorted to using old sequin curtains taking them apart and then stitching the sequins by hand and pulling apart old jewellery for the bead work. Fabric has been gleaned from clothes purchased in second hand shops too. Sourcing materials has been our biggest headache and has also changed the direction of our designs. 

A very positive developement has been a new label for the Francis Fifi range and we have added the Francis Fifi Revamp range to our Fifi and Hair Clutter labels. The Revamp label will let customers know that the hat they are buying is unique and totally recycled so there will never be another hat the same. All the imperfections in the materials used add to the unique quality of the designs.

The influence for our designs this year have come from Science Fiction B movies, serialist art and the 1960s take on modernism." 

We are proud to announce that this brilliant mother-daughter designer collaboration and their futuristic collection of head gear will be opening the Fashion Show this year, which takes place on Saturday, 21st November 2015 at the iconic De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea. Tickets are on sale now, click below to secure yours.


Make sure you got your FRONT ROW ticket because this event will truly be 

"Out of this World":

2 Bands
10 Epic Catwalk Collections
Charity Shop Challenge Awards
Boutique Shopping
Performance Art
Aftershow Party

 We are also hosting a great VINTAGE FAIR the next day!


30 Fashion Stalls
Classic Car Display
Vintage Fashion Show
Live entertainment by the "Memphis Flyers"
Classic Film Screenings
Vintage Refreshments 

11am til 4pm
Entry £2 before noon/£1 after  
children go free


We at FRONT ROW are very excited to be featuring Electro hot Newcomer band



at our Fashion Show & Performance Art Event on Saturday, 21st November at the iconic De La Warr Pavilion this year. This eclectic duo comprising of childhood friends Max Walker & James Latto comes highly recommended by Rough Trade and their performance will be the perfect introduction to our "out of this world' catwalk show. "The (London-based) pair create a seamless high energy blend that balances both the dark and euphoric. Explaining how the project started Max states,
“Unknown to me, James was mixing my records together and played me the result. I was completely sold. We have always been strong believers in the live show being better and different to the record. That’s when I decided to write a record that could be adapted, dismantled and built back up for a completely different live experience.”

FRONT ROW is very lucky to catch them just in time for their first EP release "Animal"

This body of work showcases a sound inspired by the new romantic style of old but with a strong sense of modernism propelling it forward, and is highlighted by Walker's rich baritone vocal reminiscent of Ian Curtis or Scott Walker. From the dark pulsing opener of ‘Bones’ through to the anthemic ‘Fires’ and hazy atmospheric closer ‘Animal,’ the EP provides an accomplished introduction to Sister Gracie.

“Whirring synths, funk rhythms and hand-claps all come together to form the super catchy Sister Gracie” Time Out"

"Animal" is available online at itunes, amazon & spotify.

For coming up live gigs, catch them on FB