The Great White

It is safe to say that everyone loves a white T-shirt!

It truly is a wardrobe institution no matter what age or gender and can be worn in a casual as well as sophisticated way, one can work it at any occasion and it can be teamed up with almost any other garment. Absolute genius.

Casual with various coloured denim

Or just add a dash of sequins to make it glam

And - seriously - who can resist a man sporting one ... = instant hotness

But the best about this simple little invention is its endless customizing possibilities.

And the life cycle of the great white T goes on and on ... so next time you believe that one of your white T-shirts has had it, try to make something else out of it!

And have a little fun.

PS. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a second hand plain white T so next time you treat yourself to a new one, please make sure it was ethically produced.