FRONT ROW 2013 Designer Freya von Bulow : Papercouture

Freya von Bulow Papercouture 

I grew up in Hamburg, Germany and although I have been working with textiles for a while, I started making paper sculptures during my Illustration Degree at Brighton University to combine my equal fascination with clothes/fashion and paper as a tactile and incredibly versatile medium. I was able to develop this concept creating Paper Couture collections for FRONT ROW in a number of one-off collections that afterwards were destroyed. My paper dresses are based on the old-fashioned couture idea, they are constructed rather than originate from a pattern and they demand attitude. My gowns only last the event they are made for… they are never really owned.

I did a recent photoshoot with photographer Tim Nathan indulging in the darker side of fairy tales and the struggle of innocence and evil and decay, a theme I am playing with in my upcoming collection for FRONT ROW Gods & Monster 2013. The story is called “The Fallen” about angels that have fallen from Heaven, painfully and desperately struggling with mortality on Earth. Angels to Humans. Wings to Flesh. Love to Money.

My dream job would be to fill the Christmas windows at Harvey Nichols with Paper Couture or work with the English National Opera designing paper costumes.

For Paper Couture commissions:

THE FALLEN Collection is possible though 
Paper Couture, Concept & Styling: Freya von Bulow

Face Jewellery by Thierry Alexandre & Freya von Bulow

Make up by Cassandra Aslanidis at

Hair by Florence Tinu David, Abigail Walker, Amie Coombes, Ashleigh Morement, Julie Young & Vicky Thomas from Serenity Hair & Beauty Rooms, Old Town, Hastings

Choreography by Joanna Stephens @ London Road Dance Studio

Models: Marie-Elaine Sexton, Chess Channon, Florence Tinu David, Zienna Haynes, Zoe Daniels, Rachel Paynter, Fumi Okiji at, Allan Francis, Jo Graham, Alfie Bower-Smith, Max Goddard, Mojo Blyth Piper & Vicky Kidd

Spectacles provided by Tom Herrington www.

Heartfelt thanks to Marco Kutscha of T.S.P. Germany GmhH of the Delfortgroup providing the beautiful paper for the collection.

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