FRONT ROW 2013 Designer Christopher Steele

The Cretan

A menswear collection loosely inspired by fond memories, folk costume and the clash of cultures. Favourite pieces reworked using fabrics gathered from the streets of Hastings.
Luggage and bags in collaboration with
 St. Leonards Accessories for stylish men and women‎
(Designer Kay Avery)
T-shirt prints care of iDLEHANDS Design

Tell us more about your inspiration ....

 "In 1985 I had the opportunity to go grape-picking in Crete, I stayed far too long and time stopped.
As the sun grew hotter and the days rolled on my skin went black, my hair went white and I cut up what few clothes I had, smaller and smaller. A jacket became a waistcoat, jeans became shorts, a T-shirt a vest. This was real recycling, I had no choice the heat was eating me up.  Then as the nights grew colder a rug became a blanket, a tablecloth a skirt.

I returned to England that autumn in my recycled patchwork rags to study fashion at St. Leonards on Sea, the real culture shock had begun.

I have always had a love and an affintity with these two strange places. Historic, untouched as if caught in time and when the sun shines they are so similar in many ways."


Everyone at FRONT ROW is very excited to be having Christoper & Kay showing their stunning designs on the catwalk.

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