THE FRONT ROW Designers: Dead Lucky Designs

In the run up to the show we will be publishing short Q & As with all the designers featured in the upcoming FRONT ROW Fashion Show. Our first design duo are Dead Lucky Designs, a collaborative of Lucie Nox and Tallonis, based in Hastings.

FR: Tell us about the theme and inspiration for your collection... 

DLD: We stumbled across our inspiration whilst flicking through different images we had hoarded on the hunt for an idea, unsure what route to take with the 'Gods and Monsters' theme; and spotted a photo from an old museum exhibition. Three statues of Egyptian Gods...they were simple, yet striking, oddly alluring, and decidedly dramatic. We loved it so much that we immediately chose that theme and started researching and designing from there.

FR: What is your FR background?

DLD: As a duo we're Front Row virgins, however Lucie had helped backstage previously and knew a lot of designers from other shows, so insisted we join this year and get more involved with the event as there's always such a great turnout of amazing designers. We're just as excited as everyone else is to see what the other entrants have come up with this year, especially after seeing their genius at work at other events. 

FR: What are your future plans?

DLD: In the near future we definitely see ourselves plotting ideas for more Front Row events, waiting with fingers crossed for another incredible theme...and possibly making some sexy clothing to put up for sale, as designers do. If you want to see said clothes, other designs and events, or just chat, find us at 
or drop us a line at
See you at Front Row xoxo


After what seemed an endlessly beautiful summer it's getting down to business now as FRONT ROW is only 3 months away!!! and our designers are confirmed.

We have an amazing array of extraordinary local design talent who will be showing collections inspired by Greek and Egyptian Mythology, Religion, Heavenly Angels and Demons and Monsters of the Mind. We have a total of 14 designers lined up as well as 3 performances. FRONT ROW is a collage of fashion, art & performance - a show like no other, and my team an I feel very lucky to be involved.


In the months running up to the event we shall feature all designers and performers to give you a little teaser on what will be happening at the show.

So watch this space.