(Photo taken by Rick Morris Pushinsky at

This is the best start to my 2012 I could've possibly wished for: a little thing on the last page of the Sunday Times Style Magazine issue 1st January 2012 "What Do You Wear?". Rick the photographer was great and the picture was taken in front of a wall near Charing Cross Station.

The article reads as follows:

"This skirt is made of photocopies and tissue paper, held together with masking tape and double-sided sticky tape. Tissue paper is so beautiful - before it crumples, it floats and moves like fabric. It took me about four hours to make. After this photo was taken, I went to the National Gallery (Trafalgar Square), and it felt as if I'd stepped out of one of the old portraits.

The first paper garment I made was a pair of knickers. Pretty draughty, and they didn't stay up very well. People often ask what I'd do if it rained in my paper clothes. Well, it wouldn't look great, but nor would an organza dress by Alexander McQueen in a thunderstorm. I've started making tissue wedding dresses for brides. At the end of the evening, they're like a memento of the day - all the little marks tell a story. It's, like, "there's a splash of champagne where we toasted".

At home I hang out in men's jumpers. They need to be vintage - you can't get proper woollen jumpers anywhere now - and they need to be men's, so that the sleeves are nice and long and cosy."

Cool, hey?!!