Style Inspiration Brideshead Revisited


Brideshead Revisited

Today I believe is officially autumn and therefore time to fully embrace this time of the year:

Long walks through woodlands in wellies & wooly socks, tweed jackets, (for most of us fake) Hermes scarves, leather gloves, long scarves, Lambswool jumpers, some pearls ...
and afterwards a good book by a roaring fire whilst sipping on a hot toddy with a roast simmering in the oven ...

I don't care what anybody says, I HEART AUTUMN, as it is never a disappointment like summer and the colours are glorious. Autumnal food is the best - although usually on the meaty side - with casseroles and bakes and any excuse to add alcohol to your stew. TOTAL COMFORT.

Top Styling Tip:
Get yourself a men's tweed jacket from a charity shop, they are made of such beautiful woolen cloths and are nice and long. Although admittedly too big most times, they wear very well with a chunky belt, and combined with gloves, pearls and a silk scarf look quite feminine. Or wear something delicate underneath like silk and lace .... for unwrapping later.

(images: Brideshead Revisited, Miramax Films 2008 and Jeremy Irons the 1981 TV Mini-Series)

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