Style Inspiration OUT OF AFRICA


Since the next FRONT ROW FASHION SHOW in November will be all about HOLLYWOOD, I've styled the latest window inspired by the movie


It's about the Earth and Heat and the Wild, Passion and Romance, of course (Meryl Streep & Robert Redford), and I had completely forgotten about this film until I came across this absolutely spot on fab Safari style cream cotton dress, all buttoned down at the front ... it is SO stylish combined with a short fake leather aviator jacket and a chunky plaited belt ... and a silk scarf.
I also found a fake Ostrich leather bag, various straw hats, some 80s zebra striped mules, chocolate sequins flats, a leopard print chiffon skirt, a cream lace blouse, more tan leather bags and a straw hat with a caramel chiffon scarf ... so it doesn't fly off while riding on an elephant, obvs .... the giant shopper has some Egyptian images on it I seem to remember which is not exactly THAT Africa but hey, it's Africa, so it counts!

Style Inspiration COTE D'AZUR


Ok, despite having never before encountered a shop window that reflects so much - and yes, I am grateful the sun was shining - this display was inspired by 50s holidays ... the first time after the end of WWII depression when going on holiday to Southern European countries was all the rage ... so the colours I chose were yellow (sun), azur (sea) and white ...ahem ... white stone houses, maybe?

I found light blue cropped linen trousers combined with a striped cardigan and golden and white sandals - and on the other side a white cotton gathered skirt with pockets and buttons down the front (which I completely fell in love with) combined with a white pussy bow blouse and a short navy jacket with gold buttons and a yellow straw hat. And the piece de la resistance: the original azur 60s bathing suit!

Very "To Catch A Thief" ... I wouldn't mind being caught in that!