is GO GO GO!

(backstage FRONT ROW 2009)

WOW, this is usually the most exciting last few days before the show. For months the whole event is solely based on email, facebook messages, phone calls and msm .... all theory, all words and nothing tangible...

And then is the point - my favourite - when the first garments start arriving!
And the fittings are done - a big playground of shoes, handbags, hats, jewellery and clothes - and everything comes together.

I'm making lists on every piece of scrap paper available, and if there is no paper? ... thank God for my phone where I can write memos when I wake up at night and don't want to get up to make a note of something important I must remember!!! The other day this memo consisted of 50 items.

Since we seem to be on track with everything, I'd better start making some PAPER COUTURE!


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  1. Mad Hatters Fancy Dress would like to come along and exhibit, preferably by wearing some of our vintage range and handing out cards. Is this going to be possible, and who do we contact? Thank you.