FRONT ROW adores House of Lalka (London)



‘House of Lalka’ is a growing brand inspired by artefacts sourced from the house of Regina Chmurska, a Polish dress maker who survived World War II. She spent a lifetime collecting and making clothes to replace the contents of her crocodile suitcase stolen during the German Invasion.

Revived by Regina’s Granddaughters Katie Rose and Alice Whiting the pieces are either original or re-designed inspired by Regina’s signature style.

FRONT ROW is a celebration of vintage, re-cycled, and customization and Lalka embodies these qualities. We have combined original and re-worked pieces from Regina’s house, Katie’s 1st collection and new pieces designed for FRONT ROW in cooperating themes of deconstructed glamour, satire and the spirit of Hastings.

We very proud to be featuring 'House of Lalka' on the FRONT ROW Glamour 2010 Catwalk.

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