The stage exploded with music, art and performance at the De la Warr Pavilion on Saturday, 26th November 2016 ... truly a night to remember. (photo credit: Gemma Clark, Northbrook Photography)

Our host Rachel Spinetti took the audience on a fashion catwalk journey like no other with designers showcasing outrageous creations and collections with a pre-loved, re-cycled and customised twist. 

The beautiful Maggie K de Monde of Scarlet Fantastic opened the show, performing "Nature's Way" from her current album "Reverie" plus "Heartbreak House", a collaboration with 'Hifi' Sean Discon of Soup Dragons. Heartbreak House is on his latest album feat. Crystal Waters, Yoko Ono and Dave Ball.


First catwalk of the evening was curated by stylist Sarah Broom (who worked for Dazed and Arena) with clothes completely sourced in one of our partner charity's shop, St. Michael's Hospice, Queens Rd, together with London based hairstylist Tracey Cahoon.  www.traceycahoon.com


The talented design students form Rye Studio wowed with a collections of stunning garments and a powerful performance.

The Charity Shop Design Challenge 2016 produced an fantastical array of outfits to a maximum budget of £30 from garments or items found in a Charity Shop. The results were breathtaking.


Design entries by Julie Allen (above) and Paula Davis (below)


Design entries by Beccy McCray (Winner Innovation Award, above) and Ya-Chi Lin (Winner Best Outfit Award, below)

Design entry by Lara Walsh (Runner up Innovation Award, above) and Kumiko Tani (Winner Technical Achievement Award, below)

Design entry by Sam Lewis, Despo Hawkins & Bertie Hustwayte, team St. Michael's Hospice (above) and Dee Harvey (below)

Design entry by Conor Reading (Runner up Drama Award, above) and Klimt inspired Becky Fullerton-McIntyre (below)

Design Entry by Jennie Pritchard (Winner Art Award, above) and Lucia Conte (Winner Creative Excellence Award, below)


Design Entry by Lucy Oates (above) and Anna Deacon (Runner up Technical Achievement Award, below)

with a special performance of design entry by Peter Quinnell (Winner Art Award)

Bootleg Costumes Hastings' first bespoke costume designer presented their first catwalk collection “In Your Element” at FRONT ROW this year.

In Your Element is a collection of wearable art and high-brow glamour. Each individual costume is an external projection of the model’s ‘elemental being’, inspired by mythical creatures’ derived from Chinese astrological divination, Egyptian pantheon of gods/goddesses and Hindu Upanishshads.



AFRORETRO is headed by British-Ugandan sisters Anna Nabirye & Lilly Babirye. They fuse both their homelands into their fashion, accessories and jewellery. Many of their collection is upcycled - foraging for unloved and forgotten garments and fabrics they breathe new life into them with just a tad of Uganglish flavour.


Each year at FRONT ROW the gorgeous Crystal Hart and her glittering entourage of Terrence Higgins Trust supporters raise awareness for World Aids Day on 1st December, National Testing week as well as money for the important local work of the charity.

The "Spice Girls" as part of their Gay Icon inspired performance.

  Monday Butoh is a Hastings & St.Leonards based dance group led by Yumino Seki (www.yuminoseki.webs.com).   

--> Butoh is a form of Japanese avant-garde dance theatre established in late 50s.  Butoh emerged from post war chaos in Japan when the country grappled with a clash between new Western technology and traditional Japanese values.

The group's performance was nothing short of mesmerizing.

--> Ms von Bulow works from her studio in Hastings as an illustrator, set designer and creator of elaborate Papercouture designs. Her creations are imbued with distinctive “Avantgarde” attitude, which capture the fleeting and capricious nature of fashion but in a transient and magical way. Von Bulow has recently ventured into interior design with paper lampshades and ceiling installations.
Her collection was titled "Stalingrad". www.freyavonbulow.com


And last but not least an electric performance by the magnificent PUSSY CHÉRIE

This Electro/Techno/Rock/French band from Paris stands out and gives us an atypical show of 3 characters on stage:
Funérailles : songwriter, samples, vocals. 
Gringo : composer, synth, machines, vocals.
Simone de Bavoir : writer, guitar, bass, vocals.
Pussy Chérie, a cocktail made of energy, erotism and unknown for a good dose of electronic sweat.